GENEALOGY OF ZARATHUSTRA: by Dr. Purviz Dinyar Kolsawalla

From the fragments of our Zarthustrian scriptures, the geneology of our Prophet Asho Zarathustra makes fascinating reading. Because of the antiquity of Zarathustra's appearance on this earth and the destruction of our scriptures over several millenia, hard facts are difficult to come by.

This article tries to shed light on Zarathustra's geneology and the meaning of the various names based on Ilm-né- khsnûman literature which is mainly written in Gujerati. The geneology is far from complete, nor is likely to be ever so.

NAME                    RELATIONSHIP             MEANING                  

Zarathustra             Prophet                  Zara = golden, Ushtra =  
                                                 camel, star, Golden      
                                                 Star, possessing golden  
                                                 camels, possessing old   
                                                 camels. He who manages   
                                                 /drives camels. Esoterically      
                                                 ushtra = divine knowledge, 
                                                 hence Zarathustra means        
                                                 possessing divine knowledge                

Pourushaspa             Father                   Possessing gray horses,  
                                                 aspa = horse.            
                                                 Esoterically aspa =      
                                                 mental capacity energy.  

Dughdhava               Mother                   Milk maid                

Ratushtar               Brother                  Elder brother            

Rangushtar              Brother                  Elder brother            

Nodariga                Brother                  Younger brother          

Nivedis                 Brother                  Younger brother          

Hvovi                   Wife                     Possessing good                                                           
                                                 cattle, daughter of                                                       
                                                 Frashaoshtra of the                                                       
                                                 Hvogva family.                                                            

Urvij                   Wife (?)                                          

Arnij                   Wife(?)                                           

Isat vâstra             Son                      Desiring Pastures        

Urvatat nara            Son                      Commanding men           

Hvare chithra           Son                      Sun faced One            

Freni                   Daughter                 Abundance                                                                 

Thriti                  Daughter                 The third One                                                             

Pouruchista             Daughter                 Very thoughtful          

Vishtaspa               King                                              

Hutaosa                 Queen                                             

Frashaoshtra            Chief Minister                                    

Jâmâspa                 Chief Minister           Husband of Pouruchista   
                                                 and nephew & Chief       
                                                 Priest of Frashaoshtra   

Maidhyoimângha          Cousin & first follower                           

Ukhshyat ereta          Spiritual Son            He who makes                                                              
                                                 righteousness grow                                                        

Ukhshyat nemah          Spiritual Son            He who makes the         
                                                 reverence grow           

Astvat ereta,           Spiritual Son            He who embodies          
Saoshyant                                        righteousness            

Spitman                 Name of the Clan         spita = white.           

                        Zarathustra's Ancestors                         




    Aurogdaspa (Urvadaspa)                                              


    Arej Dareshane (Harshan)                                            




    Niaajem (Ayjem)                                                     

    Erech (Rajan)                                                       

    Dorasharoob (Dorasaroon)                                            

    Manosh Chehr                                                        

    Manosh Aorvar                                                       

    Manosh Aorvak                                                       











ZARTHRUSHTROISH - Relatives of Zarathustra.

The word "Zarthrushtroish" means relatives to Zarathustra or Zarthosti. The word for belonging to Zarathustra is "zarathrustrahe". In referring to the two sons of Zarathustra in Paragraph 98 of the Farvadin Yasht the word used is of Zarathustra's family, Zarathustra's relatives instead of Zarathustra's children.

Yet when there is a mention of Pouru Chishti, there is no ambiguity. She is called Zarathustra's daughter. This lead K. Kama to assume that the son's of Zarathustra were actually his sister's sons. The Pahalavi books clearly call them Zarathustra's sons. In order to understand this difference, the words "zarathustroish" and "zarthustrahe" would have to be analysed.

The Kehrpa of Asho Zarathustra resided with Amesha Spentas. he is called "aokhta naamno yazatahe" meaning one should get attuned with his Fravashi as one gets attuned with Yazatas, in Yasna Ha 3 paragraph 21. He is put on the same level as Atash Puthra Ahura Mazda. In Khordad Yasht he is put on the same level as the Amesha Spentas. Zarathustra was born under "aevodaat"= special rules.

He had the Glory (Khoreh) of Kayanians and Ahura Mazda. In his Kehrpa there was the full intelligence of Nine Gena and his Fravashi was in close contact with the Yazatas and the Khoreh of Yazatas was spread throughout his Aipee. Hence he was no ordinary mortal, but a Yazatic identity who had descended on this earth in a form of a human being. He possessed the Intelligence (Baodangh) of the Yazatas.

His Aipee had the Holiness of Nine Gena as well as the Kayanian Khoreh and that Khoreh is called HAVOVI. This same linkage of the Yazatas is also implied in the Nine Knotted Stick (NAV GAREH NI LAKDI) which he is shown to carry.

Being in contact with Havovi, through his own Had-Manthra Yasna and the power of his Fravashi with the Divine World, he was able to create three main powers in his own Aipee. Through his three main powers arose six other powers. Just as children arise from the sexual contact of a man and woman, similarly throughout the Havovi present in Zarathustra's Khoreh arose three female powers which are allegorically called his wife. Further three male powers which can govern are called his sons while three female obedient powers are called his daughters. The three male powers will take Zarathustra's place during this Daregho Khadat of 81,000 years.

The three main female powers were allegorically called Zartahustra's wives and were named Havovi, Urvij and Arenejbardai.

Havovi is called the chief wife (shahjan) as she was the best behaved, and of good parentage. Havovi that is resident in Zarathustra's Aipee will through the energy and power of Zarathustra's Kehrpa & Fravashi will perform a Had-Manthra Yasna. From that Yasna three drops of sperm will fall and merge with the seed of Havovi.

The first seed will be divided in threefold fashion with the first component on the earth, second in Zareh and third in the Gaas of Avize Din which the Yazata Nairyosangh will convey to Anahita. She will nourish it with the protection of 99,999 Fravashis.

The second seed will be divided with the first component falling on the earth, the second in Zareh Keanse and the third will be with Anahita and the Fravashis.

The third seed will be similarly divided and will be nurtured with the 1001 vibrations of Ahuna Vairyo. From these drops of semen three Kehrpas will arise and will be called STROOTAT FREDI, VANGHUHU FREDI AND EREDAT FREDI.

The seed of "Strootat Fredi" will grow and in due time will be bathed in the Zareh Keasnse. The seed will be implanted in the ovary and Uxyat Eret (Hoshedaar-Maah) will be born.

The seed of "Vanghahu Fredi" will be nurtured by Anahita Yazata and the birth of Uxyat Nemangha (Hoshedaar Nemangha) will be born.

The seed of "Eredat Fredi" will be nurtured by Anahita Yazata and the birth of the Saoshyant - Astavat Eret will take place. These three children allegorically born from the prime wife will be like another Zarathustra and will take the role of the prophet.

The other two powers (referred to as wives) are Urvij & Arnejbordai. Urvij is called "chakarjan" wife . Chakarjan is one whose husband had died and she has remarried. The prophet who would be born of Urvij would have to make arrangements for other religions (jhirum). The heads of other religions are different from Zarathustra, but as they were not yet present during the time of Zarathustra, their work would have to be done by Zarathustra. That work of Zarathustra is allocated to the children of Urviz, called Urvatat Nar and Havre Chithra. Urvatat Nar is called the chief farmer of the "Vara" of Jamshed.

During the time of the great Deluge, the enclosure (vara) of Zarathustra is used to store all the ingredients of all the religions and during the new Daregho Khadat, they are used to create new classes of mankind. Urvatat Nar when born was not fully able and was not in full contact with the "kuniyat" of Zarathustra.

The other son was Hvare Chithra (Khurshed Chehr) who is a warrior (rathestar) and lives in Kangdez. Peshotan is the leader in Kangdez and Hvare Chithra is his deputy. Peshotan fights again the evil "Ahi" as a warrior and is working towards bringing Frasho Kereti.

Through the "khwareh" of Zarathustra a third identity called Arnejbardai is created. The children issuing from her called ISTVASTAR, FRENY, THRITY & POURU-CHISTI Arnejbardai is called "satarjan" wife. Satarjan is a wife whose children do not take their father's position. They are obedient to the father but work for others. In other words they are adopted.

The first three children of Havovi were trained by Zarathutra and were fully Zarthusti and were designated to do the work as per Ahura Data. Therefore in paragraph 98 they are called Zarthustroish = Zarthusti. Also Urvatat Nar, Havre Chithra and Istavastra Nar were given full training in Zarthustiism and we get attuned with their Fravashis.

In Gatha Ha 53-3 Pouru-chishti is called openly Daughter of Zarathustra. She is referred to as of the family of Haet Aspa and of the "kooniyat" of Spitman.

From her birth she is born with great wisdom. From birth her soul was in contact and connection with the intellect and "kooniyat" of Zarathustra.

Her Baodhang was of Yazatic energy and Force. She was created to assist a very powerful person like Jamaspa in his development. Their souls were intertwined. Her soul and Jamaspa's soul had reached Khaetvodath in the living condition on earth. She could give more "aasan" to Jaamaspa. Because she was complete and was worth getting attuned with, she is called belonging to Zarathutra. There was no need for her to be given any training in Zoroastrianism. That is why she is referred to as "zarthustrahe".

Istavaaster, Urvatat Nar and Havare Chithra's soul were not in direct contact with Zarathutra's "kooniyat" and hence Zarathustra made them Zarthusti and they were able to do their allotted work.

Istavastar being the son of Arnejbardai, who was "satarjan" wife could not claim inheritance from his father Zarathustra. He received the job of being the Chief priest after Zarathustra. All the subsequent priests are said to have descended from him. From him the Maghav Association has started and that is implied in Gatha HA 30-9. He taught the Maghav Association the knowledge of sharing the thoughts (Ham-Mithra). He is the chief of the "Gaas" of Zarathustra and after the prophet the priesthood is derived from him. In Yasna, Istvastar is remembered after Zarathustra. In the present religion's sequence Gayo Marethan is remembered first, then Asho Zarathustra, followed by Kai Vishtasp as the King and then Istvaastar. This sequence will continue upto the next Rainedaar Behramshah Varzavand upto Hoshedaar Baami.


Purviz Dinyar Kolsawalla (D.Sc., Ph.D. in Zoroastrian Studies)

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