Time for reciting Prayers in each Geh

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

Avesta Manthras are designed for those Zarathustris who are born in Zarathustri family with Zarathustri parents, having a Zarathustri life-mate, and practice Zarathustri Daena in daily life. The efficacy of Manthras depends on how religiously it is practiced following related Tarikats, at a certain time, Geh, Roz & Mah. Our prayers are based on seven Ameshspands and their relation with certain divinities (Yazads) also known as Hamkars or coworkers. (Refer to my article on Farzyat Prayers). Following details will give you some insight on when, where and at what time one should recite prayers for its efficacy on Urvaan and in our daily life.

1. Havan Geh - Starts 36 minutes prior to sun-rise (known as Havan-ni-Meher) that last till 12 noon.

2. Rapithvan Geh - Starts at 12:33 PM to 3 PM. Second Havan that starts from Mah Ava Roz Hormuzd starts from 12 noon to 3 PM.

3. Uziren Geh - Starts at 3:33 to sun-set. If you cannot complete prayers before sun-set, complete it within 36 minutes after sunset. Please don't be persistant in following this rule. Uziren-ni-Meher (sublime blessings of Uziren through sun-rays) remains on earth for the first 36 minutes after sunset.

4. Aevishuthrem Geh - Starts 72 minutes after sunset (36 minutes of Uzirem Meher & 36 minutes of Aewishuthrem Geh) till 12 midnight. Second 36 minutes of Aewishuthrem Geh is called 'Gaashak' (time for Darkness) when no one should recite any prayers because the Staotic effect of our prayer gets nullified. If you have attend the nature's call then just do Kusti only for Aewishuthrem Geh. This rule does not apply to the authorized Mobeds, means they can recite prayers during that second 36 minutes of Aewishuthrem Geh. Example: Sarosh-nu- Patru for the deceased person.

5. Ushen Geh: From midnight local time 12:33 to 36 minutes before sunrise. No prayers should be recited between midnight 12 AM and 1:40 AM. Again this rule does not apply to the authorized Mobeds & Yaozdathregars). Recite only Kusti prayers during 'Gaashak' time for Aewishuthrem and Ushen Geh. During Gaashak time for Ushen Geh, rays of Khurshed are not fairly reached on earth when nature is filled with bad atmosphere full of 'Asare-Taariki', which is also knoiwn as Gaashak or 'Tirae-Gohar'. This is the time when the power of black- magic, evil, destructive elements is at its maximum. Recite prayers only after 1:40 AM for Ushen Geh.


It is most advantages to recite prayers between 3 AM and 36 minutes before sunrise. During that time, magnetism in air is neutralized and nature is clean and to receive the best of the best vibrations like our Avesta Manthravaani.


The Sun is billions of miles away from the earth. It takes nine minutes for its rays (Meher) to reach the earth.. Only if it is necessary, one can recite prayers ten minutes after the end of Havan (12:10 PM) or Rapithvan Geh (3:10). Actually, it should be 33 minutes after the end of each Geh that initiates the following Geh after which one is supposed to recite prayers. Because it takes 33 minutes to complete the staots of that Geh to be active for maximum effectiveness. These rules of reciting prayers after 10 and 33 minutes is good for only Rapithvan and Uziren Geh. These is because, Havan Geh always starts 36 before sunrise and Aewishuthrem Geh always starts 72 minutes after the sunset, whereas Ushen Geh starts 100 minutes after 12 midnight (i.e. at 1:40 PM).


In the morning, from 36 minutes before sunrise to 11:20 AM recite prayers facing East. From 11:20 to afternoon 12:40 face South. This time facing South (Dadare-Gehan) is considered very joyful and peaceful. From 12:40 to sunset, recite prayers facing West. At night recite prayers facing Divo (oil lamp: add no water), or Atash in house, Adaran or one of Atash Behram. If there is no Divo or fire, face South. No prayers should be recited facing North or any unclean place. Never recite prayers in Bathroom, (Rest-Room), or in front of any non-Zarathustri. Always face Sun when you recite Khorshed & Meher Nyaish and Yast in Havan, Rapithvan and Uziren Geh.. Never recite these Nyaish and Yast facing Atash at any of the above places as, first of all, Khurshed Yazad holds distinctly higher status in HIS creations and reciting Khorshed and Meher Nyaish in front of the Atash is like insulting Khurshed Yazad.


Recite Ava Ardveshur Nyaish & Yast by facing sea, well, river, water-falls. Recite Atash Nyaish while facing Atash at different places as given above. Recite Mah Bakhtar Nyaish should be recited facing Moon, whether or not it is located in North.


During our Farzyat prayers we recite Rapithvan Geh from 12:33 to 3 PM however, it is effective only from Roz Hormuzd & Mah Fravadin to Roz Aneran & Mah Meher. These seven month of Rapithvan are known as months of Tabestan. The remaining five months i.e. Roz Hormuzd & Mah Ava to Vahistoesh Gatha,one has to recite Havan Geh which is also known as "Beje Havan" in Gujarati. It is a correct practice of consecrating (Ijvane) Rapithvan on the eve of Fravardin Mah and Hormuzd Roz but unfortunately, in Bombay we have many Priests in Adaran and Atash Behram perform this ritual on Ardebehest Roz instead of Hormuzd Roz and Fravardin Mah.


It is a common site to observe an average Zarathustri going to Adaran and Atash Behram during personal, physical or financial crisis. People are missing the most critical element of birth in this world and to be born as Zarathustri and individual spiritual composition. Today, an average Zarathustri cannot resist praying for materilaistic pleasures from Ahura-Mazda in return of their reciting Farzyat prayer. If we humans, who are no more than Dravands, can gain all materialistic needs by reciting a piece of Avesta Manthra as price for HIS blessings, there is no need to have Soul and prayers, rituals, and religious ceremonies designed for our Urvaan's progression. We can also bargain with HIM for our Urvaan!! Neither following some other religion will help your Soul in its progression cycle.

Tandorosti Prayer is not for earning more money, pasing in exams or owning more sophisticated lifestyle, and property for your luxury but, to conclude the Farzyat prayers with a thought in mind similar to one like the following.: "Oh, Ahura Mazda! You are almighty. You are my Savior. I am nothing without you.You know what I deserve in life. Help me to work on my past dues (Karma), a reason why I have returned to this world. Give me blessings to have strength and wisdom through your divine light (Ashare-Roshne) to remain faithful to Zarathustri Deana for the progression of my Soul which ends with Khaetwodat and Anoshe-Ravan"

Atha Zamyat Yatha Afrinami

In His Service,

Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

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